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Welcome to the Borrani specialist

Borrani classic wheels

We are Borrani specialist for the BeNeLux and Germany.

At Borrani, spoke wheels for classic cars are manufactured using the fully intact Borrani archive that contains the data since 1922, for more than 8000 different applications.

Borrani rims were original assembly rims or factory options of the most prestigious car brands such as Alfa Romeo, Ferrari, Maserati, Aston Martin. This partnership began in the early days of automotive competition, and it continued through the heyday of Italian car design. However, many Borrani designs were also available as an after-market option. This gives classic car owners the opportunity to provide their car with an attractive, high-quality and periodically correct accessory.

“Only Borrani Can Make Borranis”

Borrani classic spoke rims combine significant weight reductions and advanced technical features for better handling and handling.
(Installation of non-original, modified or incorrectly restored wire wheels can cause serious risks to the use of the car and safety. Beware of imitations!)

Now also Borrani Bi_Metal wheels

Restauration wheels

The official Borrani restoration includes repair, cleaning, and high-gloss polishing of the rim, renewal of the identification numbers and letters, new spokes and rechroming of the hub. Painted rims are also restored to their original specifications, with the correct paint and color tones. Not all used spoked rims can be repaired. This depends on the general condition, on possible damage and on the field thickness. All restored rims are given a progressive factory code that includes the restoration date and can obtain a certificate of authenticity if desired.

We can completely overhaul original Borrani rims for you. Including mounting and delivery of the correct tires, and balancing in the correct way.

We also take care of the restoration of Borrani wheels.

8453 original designs. A unique heritage, and an essential starting point for replacing or restoring classic rims. Due to the registration, name and certificate of authenticity, every Borrani rim produced is traceable. An added value for your valuable classic car. Since 2010, original Borrani rims come with a Certificate of Authenticity.

“Only Borrani can make Borranis”

Borrani classic spoke rims combine significant weight reductions and advanced technical features for better handling and handling.

Rims, hubs and spokes are made of high quality materials.

The unsprung mass is reduced by 25% compared to a steel rim. Vehicle handling, response and comfort are dramatically improved.

Each classic rim is custom-fitted to your car, assembled and centered by hand by skilled craftsmen.

Sporty or elegant, available with a painted, polished or chrome finish to match the look of your classic car.

We are Borrani specialist for the Benelux and Germany